Thursday, July 9, 2009

Which is Your FAVORITE?

You kNow mE . . . I cAn NoT reSisT a cRaFt . . . I sAiD I wouLd bRiNg thE bEst bAby gIfT to a bAbY sHoWeR. . . so I hAd to uSe TaNiEllEs aNd SyLvIa's gOOd iDeA . . . mAny diD nOt beLieVe tHat tHeY wErE mAde by mE . . . tHeY aSkeD mOm wHeRE I bOuGhT thE iTemS . . .

Thanks Tanielle and Sylvia for the great idea and project . . . Many hours lAtEr and mAnY doLlaRs gOne . . . aNd thIs sHoWs the eNd prOdUct . . .

You mAy wAnT to puT in YoUR oRdeR . . . bEfoRe I mOvE oN tO otHeR pRojEcTs . . .

sOoN tHey WiLl be gOnE . . . sO mAnY sIsTers . . . sO LitTle tImE . . . sO mAnY hEarTs tO tOuCh! I hAvE rEcEivEd reQueSts fOr FOUR (4) bAbY giFts aNd TWO (2) tRaVEleRs!

A Family Project for Kathy Little's Mother

Thanks to Mom and Ronda we were able to fix up a quilt for Kathy Little's Mother. Kathy's children made the quilt years ago and it showed years of love and comfort. We mended with the sewing machine, sewed hearts where the mending was outside of the binding and then bound the edges.
Kathy's mother was so touched that we would go to all this work for her . . . this was missionary work at its finest.
Thanks Mom & Ronda for your hard work to help me mend a grandmother's quilt!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

HFPE Event with Liesa Card - I Dare You To Eat It

Liesa Card presented I Dare You To Eat It Designing Food Storage You Would Actually Want To Eat

How do you say Thank You to a woman that has a Strong Testimony, is taking her time to share what she has learned, and developed . . . what would ever be as wonderful? Since there really is not much . . . I create a few items that would be bring back memories when ever she uses the different items. Raspberry Caramel, Lemon Bread with Pecans (with white Lindt chocolate), Designer Wipes Holder, Designer Mouse Pad, Beaded Runner with clear Swarovski Crystal Beads, Swedish Cookies, Blow Pops, Lindt Chocolates, a Small Note Pad, and Dry Erase Board packed in a Leather Carrying Case.
I received the most beautiful Thank You Card from Liesa.

The Refreshments were Y Y Y One was from Liesa Card's book 'Fiesta Wheat and Bean Salad,' Kathy also made a rice dish, women from the ward brought cookies, and for a drink we served water with ice, lemon, or lime, or a combination of lemons and limes. The table decorations were glass containers with lemons, limes, oranges . . . (notice they matches the colors of table cloths) In addition, The glass containers were used previously for the announcing of the event in Relief Society.

Tanielle, Elle, Mom, Vedana, Aunt Eleanor, and three friends (Nanette, Cathleen, Jan) from work attended the event.
For those unable to attend I want you to know that we missed you and your company with us at an unforgettable night. The message was beautiful with the spirit witnessing to the sister the ability to begin, to continue to work at this great blessing, and that we will succeed. I with Liesa want to be able to join the Lord's team when the Bishop asks for donation from our Food Storage to help others in need. Liesa talked about the blessing of food storage and to realign our thought to the many places we can put the food storage so that we are a blessing to others in time of needs. So here is my natural man struggling with the understanding that it is time for me to let go of my room full of household storage to replace with food storage. How many glass vases, bowls, plates, and other useful items mean more than what the Lord is asking of us . . . that was my hard message for the night . . . so one of these days I am going to come to the part where DI or a yard market will redistribute my storage . . . oh how I pray for marriage so I wouldn't have to let them go . . . oh well . . . one piece at a time!
I spoke with Liesa for a short period of time, was so touched by her spirit, and testimony. There is a great strength and beauty that she shared with myself and others we are truly blessed to have this experience.
I wish I had more money to buy more books to touch so many more lives with these gospel principles!
Thank you for touching my life and giving me the feeling that I was you best friend . . . even for a moment! Now it is time for me to learn a new way of cooking . . . wonder what I would substitute to make caramels in a time of needY Y Y


I Dare You NOT To Eat It! On Sunday I announced the HFPE Event with Liesa Card . . . Since the previous weeks were I Dare You to Eat It . . . I thought it only right to Dare them not to eat it . . . But if you come to Nana's I will dare you to eat the Lindt White Chocolate:)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I Dare You To Eat It! Designing Food Storage You Would Actually Want To Eat . . Liesa Card author of the above book and website has graciously accepted to speak at the
Murray Belview Ward Relief Society Enrichment Night
on Tuesday, 16 June 2009
at 6:30 pm
address - 6300 South 300 East
Murray Utah 84107
South West Corner across from Fashion Place Mall
Please come, bring your family, your neighbors, your friends, and join us that night!
I Dare You To Eat It presents a manageable method for food storage that can be used during a time of need but that can also help to SIMPLIFY EVERY DAY LIFE. Instead of buying, storing, and then tossing it, you can create a storage of food that makes your life easier by integrating it into regular meals. Liesa brings this message to you in an approachable way through discussion on food storage within the context of the gospel plan and provides information as well as resources including easy recipes that will help save you time and planning and preparing meals.
(In the jar are worms and dirt ((used to announce the event)) I have been giving the books to dear friends and relatives ((if you did not receive it was because I run out of book and money to buy more books)) Costco $9.98 )

Memorial Day

Swedish Car filled with Flowers for Decorating Graves . . .

Memorial Day Weekend with a trunk and car load of flowers. Saturday we decorated graves in Murray, Salt Lake City and Monday decorating graves in Wyoming. What a wonderful weekend with only one draw back . . . snowball throughout the car and trunk . . . thank heavens for vacuums!

Thanks Vedel for going with us on Monday to Wyoming.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


* * * * I FoUNd sTaRS on our DOOr tOniGHt * ** * * tHeY read as follows
Darling Donna :) SCHAWEET You're the Best! You're beautiful! Thank you for your kindness! You are loved! Wonderful Daughter of God You are Amazing! :) (: Thanks for all You Do!
D - Delightful
O - On top of things
N - Nice
N - Neat
A - Adorable
N - Neat
I - I love you
C - Cookies
E - Eat

Donna you are the sweetest lady ever! Thanks for your example / Kelli ( and a few from Katelyn) Included was a square glass candle holder with glass stones and a tea light * * * * star attached with ' You "Light UP" OuR Lives!

The Prestwich Family are AN AMAZING examples to ME* * * * *